Got noise? If you live near I-95 in Southwestern Conn., you do.

I-95 Road SignWelcome to Got Noise? — a Web site devoted to the quality of life for residents in Southwestern Connecticut impacted by I-95 traffic noise.

Many citizens question why certain towns along I-95 are currently benefiting from noise barrier construction while others are not. The site has been updated to allow interested citizens to access information that has been gained since 1999, when Got Noise? first worked to find a solution to this problem. The site has been designed for a dialog to take place by making it possible for interested parties to post comments and to generate responses via our Blog. Members of the legislature and government officials will be invited to participate in the conversation. Links allowing you to contact state and local officials is also included.

Although our primary interest is in noise abatement for the Town of Westport, residents of communities in Southwestern Conn. are encouraged to become involved and to contribute to the conversation.

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Federal Highway Administration standards adopted by the State of Connecticut recommend that noise abatement projects -- such as sound barriers -- be considered where the noise level exceeds 66 decibels. Our September 1999 sound study shows that the noise along I-95 in Westport averages 72 decibels, exceeding the federal standard 24 hours a day.

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