This page summarizes the history of I-95's construction and ongoing expansion, and of efforts to address the I-95 traffic noise in Westport, Connecticut.

Initial proposals for the construction of the I-95 from the Norwalk border to the Fairfield border offer the choice of two routes. One closely following the Post Road and the other along the present roadway.
CT Commissioner of Transportation Albert Hill announced the choice of route. The cost of the 5.37 miles was estimated at $9.5m which included $1.9m for right-of-way costs, which affected 107 families.
Work on the Connecticut Turnpike started. The highway was finally opened for through traffic on January 2, 1958. Bridge and toll facilities as well as gas station and restaurant areas were completed in 1959.
Mid 1970s
The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) established a statewide Retrofit Noise Abatement Program to address traffic noise at locations along the existing expressway system. Several locations in Westport are identified as candidates for sound barriers, but none are constructed, because the state says that other locations rank higher in the stat's Project Priority Ranking Number (PPRN) list.
On June 28 a section of the Mianus River bridge collapsed, killing three persons and injuring three more. This led to a far-reaching review of the condition of CT bridges and roads.
To reduce bottlenecks at toll booths, tokens were introduced in November. It took another serious accident, a tractor-trailer and three cars at the Stratford toll plaza killing seven persons and injuring many others, to highlight the safety aspect of toll booths.
Eight toll booths on I-95 are removed by December.
A notable victory for Westport when the temporary installation of a weigh station near Grove Point Road was finally abandoned when the weigh station at Greenwich was opened. The Greenwich weigh station now appears to be notable for its apparent lack of use.
Several attempts to have sound barriers erected were made by local groups over many years. All have run into strong opposition from the Connecticut Department of Transportation.
The 'Got Noise?' committee was formed in the spring following the very successful collection of petition signatures organized by some of the existing committee members. Meetings with the First Selectman, Diane Goss Farrell, were set up and from the start we have had support from Diane. Help has also been forthcoming from State Representatives Ken Bernhard and Cathy Tymniak, State Senator Judith Freedman, U.S. Congressman Christopher Shays, and a number members of the Westport Representative Town Meeting (RTM).