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Common Misconceptions About This Issue

Sound barriers don’t work.

Actually, sound barriers that block the view of the highway can reduce the noise level for the houses along the highway in half (by 10 to 15 decibels). ConnDOT says that if it had funds available (and did not have other projects it considers to be a higher priority), it would install more barriers.

Sound barriers increase the noise for houses on the opposite side of the highway.

Our research indicates that this is not the case. Sound reflects from the barrier back into the highway traffic, and continues to bounce between the traffic and the barrier until it dissipates.

There is no chance of getting sound barriers installed in southwestern Conn.

Everyone we have talked to in the state and local government notes that it will be difficult to get barriers installed, but no one has said they cannot ever be built. Our exploration of areas where barriers have been installed suggest that it will take time, but that if we are persistent, we have a good chance of getting results.