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Why No New Barriers Are Being Installed

ConnDOT’s provides what seems to be a standard letter in response to questions about sound barriers. The letter explains why ConnDOT is not building “retrofit” barriers. For Westport residents, the letter generally takes the following form:

  • In the mid-1970’s, the Department of Transportation (DOT) established a statewide Retrofit Noise Abatement Program to address traffic noise at locations along the existing expressway system. Certain locations in Westport along I-95 were identified as candidates for this program.
  • There have been, and continue to be, a number of higher priority critical transportation deficiencies that need to be addressed with the Department’s limited funds. These include safety improvements, bridge rehabilitation, highway and transit improvements and maintenance of the existing infrastructure. Our goal is to make the most effective use of these limited funds.
  • In light of the extensive needs and deficiencies in Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure, we must concentrate these limited funds on investments which improve and maintain the transportation system. As such, retrofit noise barriers are not considered a high priority for these limited resources.

ConnDOT suggests that it might pursue “retrofit” noise abatement projects, if the federal government made funds available, but no federal funding is anticipated. ConnDOT also says that it would build barriers, if required to do so by the state legislature, but notes that ConnDOT feels that its other projects are more important to the state.