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Why SOME New Barriers Have Been Installed

Got Noise? has asked ConnDOT about several sound barriers that have been installed since the time when ConnDOT says funds for noise barriers became unavailable. We asked about these sites, because barriers seem to have been installed in areas that had a lower priority on the State’s own lists than Westport.

ConnDOT notes that there have been several occasions where the state did install new noise barriers, for the following reasons:

  • Noise barriers were installed in Greenwich, apparently in exchange for the town’s agreement to allow ConnDOT to operate a maintenance facility and weigh station in the area.
  • Noise barriers were installed in Wethersfield along I-91 in 1984, under the Interstate Trade In Program, a program that gave local communities a “high level of local input on setting priorities for use of their share of trade-in monies.”
  • Noise barriers are currently being installed in Rocky Hill along I-91, because the area has been retroactively classified as a Type I expansion. In the case of Type I highway expansions, the state is required to install sound barriers, and the federal government provides 90% of the funding for the project.