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What We’re Doing

Based on the information ConnDOT has provided and that we have gathered through our own research about noise and noise abatement, Got Noise? is pursuing or has pursued several different avenues to address the highway noise pollution along I-95 in Westport:

  • We have paid for a study of the current noise levels along I-95.
  • We retained a lobbying firm to advance our cause with the government.
  • We are working with the state to improve speed limit enforcement along I-95. Reduced traffic speed will also lower the sound of the highway traffic. For information on the difference enforcing the speed limit can make, see a report from the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse.
  • We are encouraging the state to open the Greenwich truck weigh station more often, based on the observation that heavy trucks make up a larger portion of the I-95 traffic, are the loudest vehicles on the road, and often appear to be overloaded.
  • We are exploring innovative sound-reducing technology, beyond that currently used in the state’s sound barriers.
  • We are exploring our options for a suit to compel the government to address this problem, in case our efforts cooperating with the government are not successful.
  • We are networking with other groups in Connecticut and other states, to share resources and ideas for coping with highway noise pollution.