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Who We Are

Got Noise? is a group of southwestern Conn. citizens organized to address the problem of I-95 highway noise in our community.

The group’s name, Got Noise? is an acronym for Group Organized To Negotiate On I-95 Sound Elimination

We are an all-volunteer staff, but we have a very committed team.

Back in 1999 a group of Westporters organized and raised funds for the purpose of facilitating the construction of noise barriers along the I-95 corridor within Westport. To that end, a private noise study was conducted, the services of a paid lobbyist was retained and representatives of national, state and local lawmakers were brought in. These efforts brought attention to the situation but efforts to secure noise abatement continue to face lack of funding in the State Transportation Department.

Although our primary interest is in noise abatement for the Town of Westport, residents of communities in Southwestern Conn. are encouraged to become involved and to contribute to the conversation.